Millennials, stop worrying about changing the world.

Millennials have been told from a young age that they were made to change the world...

Yet, probably 98% of Millennials aren’t leading crowds or movements nor are they the face of any global change. 

So are we failing? 

Do our lives lack purpose?  Are we as worthless, boring, and unimportant as we suppose?

We feel like it.

Though the encouragement to change the world was well intended by former generations, it's left many young adults struggling to feel significant.

Many of my co-workers and friends that I speak with under the age of 36 are struggling with finding a sense of significance,  not only in in their current job and career, but in overall life.

Desiring to create change, holding dreams, and standing up to lead is important, but all of these things are far more difficult than many dare to admit. Most struggle enough with leading themselves well, much less the world. 

It’s worth stating what needs to be publicly obvious, but numbers (of followers and dollars) are a terrible means of measuring success, human value, and purpose, just as much as using a career and work is as a means to measure self-worth.

We need not worry about changing the world because the world will transform as we do.

It changes with us from the inside out, for us first.

And our dreams follow.

But no one wants to talk about or focus on the internal work required to even have the bravery and resiliency to chase after ones true dreams... because dreaming requires leading, and leading, as we come to find, is both painful and terrifying.

We’ve all been told how leadership is a choice and it begins within, but after one makes the choice, the next step is getting others to enroll in the change we wish to inspire and make.

Yet, what us millennials struggle to see is that on some level, we're already influencing everyone around us to enroll in something... whether it’s generosity, kindness, or empathy, or judgment, criticism, and striving- this choice is ours. 

In order for our actions to matter, they don’t have to be before an entire people group or nation. If you help buy a homeless person a meal tomorrow while getting gas, that doesn’t make you any less significant than Scott Harris (from Charity Water) who is bringing clean drinking water to thousands of people across the world. 

So we need not question if we are unimportant and failing, but rather if we are where we are supposed to be?

Are we seeking and moving toward the meaningful, inner change we need? 

Are we doing difficult things that make for a better tomorrow, facing the wilderness in our soul, running toward what we fear, listening to what life is teaching us, and embracing the pain that comes with spiritual growth?

If we really want to set ourselves apart in this world and make a difference, learn to live gracefully and free in the world that you find yourself in right now.

Patience and true spiritual freedom is scarce. 

If you have it people will want it. So there’s no need to go out striving for it.

So maybe you will one day lead a crowd... 

or maybe you won’t. 

Regardless, it will never be what truly matters.