Love is not defined by productivity or achievement. 
Love is not influenced by mistakes. 
Love is a choice set in place before this world was ever formed.
Therefore, if love is not affected by your works, or your abilities, or your feelings of being deserving of love, then there is not a single moment throughout your life when you don't have access to receive love.

For God's love requires nothing of you.

His love is 100% free.  

There is no cost of entry and not one single requirement.

God is waiting for us to come and lean into the freedom of his love daily- even when we are at our worst, and especially when we are feeling most undeserving of his love.

For a man's test is found in how freely he can receive love from the Father and how freely he can find love for himself when he is at his worst. 

It's not hard to believe you're deserving of love when you're successful or achieving something. The question is can you trust that God actually wants to love you amidst your mistakes, your feelings of inadequacy, and your feeling of not being "good enough?"

The reality is we are more deserving of love than we could ever dream. The challenge is believing that even in our worst moments, we're as deserving of love as God says we are.

To the extent that God loves us freely, we must learn to love ourselves.