When you heal

As individuals, our greatest weakness is likely linked to our emotions, like our pain, shame, anger, and fear.

Because within pain can grow sadness or anger.  And from sadness and anger can rise revenge and depression.

Shame can create hopelessness and isolation, and from hopelessness and isolation, can rise depression and suicide.

The list of negative emotional reactions that people can have to such emotions are endless, and the list of negative outcomes when people isolate, lash out in anger, or use pride to cover their insecurity is also endless.

The media and politicians won’t tell you this, but as a society and country, when we look at our school shootings, suicide rates, and substance abuse issues, our emotional and mental health problems are likely our greatest problem of all.

So be wary not to overlook how much you contribute to your society by simply taking ownership of and confronting the darkness and wounds within you.

Because when you heal, we all heal.