"I do."


as i peer down the aisle
and observe you walking toward me
with your arms wrapped around your fathers,
i wonder if i am breathing.
are my feet on the ground?
am i truly here in the flesh?
or is this all a dream?

as the ceremony begins,
i take a moment to feel the wind between my hands,
i look at the sun beyond your eyes and it warms my face,
i look at the mountains in the distance, and it is unmistakable by the golden spring light of the sky that You are near.

You are in under very crumb of bread and drop of wine in our communion, 
beneath every breath that i take in and
out of every prayer and blessing that comes forth from the crowd in attendance. 
and your glorious, loving presence is inevitable in the beauty of the Morrow’s mountain sky.

my vows are words awaiting decades of action,
my dad is speaking and prophesying with a gentle force,
and you... my wife,
are stunning,
more stunning than the bride in all my dreams

as i stand here, taking you in, i realize that you are such a beautiful, standing testimony of a God who deeply, deeply desires to generously and lavishly provide for me far beyond what i can ever dream up or hope for

this is why
today is a day beyond life itself

it is beyond any day i have ever lived
any love i have ever received
and any level of gratefulness that i have ever felt.

and i am undeniably tasting of God’s goodness in a way i didn’t know possible

if heaven is a day,
that day
is today.