When Nature Speaks


When does nature speak the loudest to you?

When I go backpacking, reading next to a lake or river in the woods is one of the things I look forward to most on my trips. I find it hard to believe that life can be any more relaxing than when you're sitting in a hammock in the mountains or laying on a boulder beside an alpine lake with a great book in hand. 

Time is slow, your thoughts are clear, and the inescapable silence is unbearably fulfilling. This for me is when nature speaks the loudest.

It was in these moments of reading over the past couple years that inspired When Nature Speaks. I wanted to write a body of poems to take with me every time I left for the mountains.  I wanted to create a work, purposed to be read specifically in the outdoors.   

For this reason, When Nature Speaks isn't for everyone.  It was exclusively written and fashioned for those who love backpacking, hiking, and nature.  The book is shorter for backpacking purposes and the poems were strictly written to be read in the wilderness.  Therefore, if you too live for new trails,  crave the wilderness, and long for night skies in the woods, this book was written for you. 

I believe that these poems will invigorate, move, and inspire you as you charge your own mountains in life as they did for me, and I can't wait to hear where these poems travel with you.

I'm looking forward to when When Nature Speaks reaches your hands.

*** the book is shipping out to buyers next week.  I'm excited to announce that the first order of books are already on the way, and I will be shipping them out immediately upon arrival.  To pre-order and claim your copy from the first shipment, you can visit my shop at: joshhuth.com/shop